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At the Anglican Church USA we strive to be a home and a family for those who are seeking a relationship with Christ. We strive to keep the liturgy alive in a loving environment. If you find yourself looking for a home in Christ, look no further. You are home!
The Anglican Church U.S.A. is an ecumenical spiritual family, worshiping in the universal catholic tradition, providing  sacramental liturgy in an inclusive and loving environment.

Our goal is to spiritually nourish and serve our community in a way that celebrates diversity and demonstrates unconditional love. Our doors are open to people of all beliefs with the intent to dis-cover spiritual peace in their life.”

With 19 clergy residing in 7 states across the U.S. from coast to coast, our spiritual community engages in a variety of high-impact community outreach programs including: chaplaincy, homeless outreach, social services assistance, food bank ministry, and much more.
The path to ordination within our spiritual jurisdiction is open to everyone male or female, married or single. No prior college or spiritual formation is required to be granted entrance into a seminary program, however a 2 year foundational college degree is preferred. 

The Anglican Church USA has paired up with Ascension Theological College to provide a rigorous spiritual journey of priestly formation. Consisting of a 4 year program, depending on prior education or spiritual formation, Ascesnion Theological College will prepare seminarian candidates for the public practice of professional religious and chaplain services.

Senior Staff
  1. Rt. Rev. William Gameson, O.S.H.
    Diocesan Ordinary
    His Grace the Rt. Rev. Matthaios (William) Gameson, O.S.H. Ordinary of the Missionary Diocese of the West, Dean of Education.
  2. Most Rev. Daniel Lowry
    His Eminence the Most Reverend Daniel (Rusty) Lowry, Archbishop of the Anglican Church USA.
  3. Rt. Rev. Mark Windon, O.S.H.
    Diocesan Ordinary
    His Grace the Rt. Rev. Mark Windon, OSH. Bishop of the Diocese of the East, Chancellor of the Anglican Church USA.
  1. Very Rev. Canon Drew Crissman
    Diocesan Canon
    Canon to the Ordinary of the Missionary Diocese of the East
  2. Father Scott Moreland, FHC
    President of the Order of the Franciscans of the Holy Cross
  3. Very Rev. Canon Dennis McCoubrey
    Diocesan Canon
    Canon to the Ordinary of the Diocese of the West