Anyone may apply to the ordination program. Please note the Anglican Church USA does not discriminate based off of race, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability. 

Candidates should know the clergy are responsible for their own ministries, and that the church does not provide any type of salaries or stipends for clergy. 

The path towards ordination takes approximately 4 years depending on prior life experience and education. 

The Path to Ordination

During the course of your time at seminary you will have the opportunity to study: psychology, philosophy, pastoral counseling, theology, chaplaincy, christology, anglo-catholic studies, comparative religions, pastoral ethics, eucharistic liturgies, and much more. 

Upon completion of the seminary program you will be granted a licentiate of ministry. based off of previous education experience, prior to entering the seminary, you may be granted advanced standing. Please note that graduation from the seminary does not guarantee ordination.

The clergy of the Anglican Church USA are ordained with valid Apostolic Succession as passed down from Jesus Christ the other apostles. Our priests are ordained, and our bishops are consecrated with the lines of succession of the Roman Catholic Church, the Greek Orthodox Church, The Russian Orthodox Church of Moscow, the Anglican/Episcopal lines of succession, and many others.

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